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LLC NE "Terminal UPSS" - the bulk liquid edible products terminal located at the deep water port of Dnepro-Bougsky. The Terminal has the status of a company with foreign investments and operates export services on transshipment of bulk food cargoes and exports of molasses and vegoils.

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The company was founded in 1990 to provide processing plants by food raw materials in southern Ukraine. In 1994 the first stage of complex was put in operation and first parcel of sugar beet molasses was shipped from Terminal.

Today the port complex with total storage volume of 143000m3 is 5 terminals in fact, with storage capacity of 25-40 thousand tons each, separate pumping house and pipelines. Reception of cargo from different suppliers of our customers is carried out separately through the buffer shore tank. 24/7 guards,  CCTV, alarm system, accounting system of sounding and temperature in the shore tanks, online access to the accounting system by customer request.

This design of the Terminal and well-coordinated work permit to discharge the cargo from different transport vehicles with capacity of up to 14 thousand tons per day.

The cargo handling is carried out at railway sidings and racks for 98 tank cars and 21 trucks          and berths № 2-5 of DBSP with capacity of 700 tons per hour.

Range of cargoes: vegoils, molasses, ethanol, glycerin, bulk (meal, cake), palm oil products and others.

Range of services:

– Accredited laboratories

– Full range of forwarding services

– Customs clearance

– Determination of the quantity

– Cargo certification in Chamber of commerce and the state bodies

–  Agency and chartering servises

– Cooperation with first class international surveyors (Dr. Buschmeyer, Control Union, SGS, Inspectorate, etc.) providing 24-hours stay at the Terminal.

The Terminal completes project works on the construction of grain elevator and facility for handling grain and bulk cargo at the port-area. Construction beginning is planned in 2015.

Currently, our company completed the long-term lease the land area of 150 hectares adjacent to the existing terminal,  7 berths with a total length of 2400 meters for maintenance of oil, grain, general cargo, ro-ro and placing the container terminal. The list of facilities and goods is not final and may be changed depending on market conditions. The project envisages the dredging (sheet pile length will increase depth at the berth up to 15 meters) and hydraulic filling for berths construction.

LLC NE “Terminal UPSS” possesses land adjacent to the port. All the utilities are available-electricity, water, steam, sewage as well as a road and rail tracks. This creates favorable conditions for the construction of industrial facilities for the production, processing and trade of various products (grain, alcohol, liquid fertilizers, vegoils and others) at the port-zone.

The total volume of dredging works the full development will be around 10.0 million m3.

The volume of refulery soil for made ground will be about 2.5 million m3.